50000 Pyramid Slot Bonus Features


Possibly the most enjoyable bonus in 50000 Pyramid slot is the 'Winners Circle Bonus', which can be obtained relatively easily. All players need to do is to collect 3 or more of the Winner Circle Symbols and they will automatically start the Winners Circle Bonus. Of course, bonuses are what slot machines are all about, so the fact that The 50000 Pyramid slot machine has some huge bonus rewards makes it very popular.

When entering a bonus round, players leave the current game and enter a chosen pyramid to make a number of picks. These picks will be a range of prizes. For instance, they might be free spins, multipliers or event bonus picks. This is the part of the game that players love, as the majority of picks lead to a cash reward.

Once the end of the bonus round has arrived, its time to cash in. Play out all the free spins and watch those credits rack up. In terms of game play, it is not the most exciting part, and in terms of winnings, it offers the opportunity to win up to 50000 coins!

A lot of players here choose to opt for an auto spin as it can take quite long for all the winnings for rack up. That being said, for people that want to keep interactive, then manually spinning the reels is likely to be a lot more fun.

50000 Pyramid slot Free Spins Bonus Game: Free Spins will be triggered when 3 of the 'The Winner Circle' symbols appear. This can be a really profitable bonus game. Once this is activated, the pay lines that currently in play will calculate the amount of free spins the player requires. These will automatically start increasing a players winning, so is an extremely part of the game for anyone involved!

One of the best special features in this game is certainly the ease of the game play. It offers even the most un-educated of players to quickly become acquainted with online slot machines. In fact, most players suggest that they are comfortable with the live play within 5 minutes, which makes the game great for new players.

Whilst the game play and functionality of The 50000 Pyramid slot machine is exceptionally important, that is not the most important feature. Let us face it; as players we are only interested on the big wins, and who can blame us!?

The 50000 Pyramid slot machine lets players win some big cash prizes. Not only does it offer the Winners Circle Bonus Round, but it also offers a Free Spins Bonus game. This double helping of bonuses keeps the game interesting and rewarding.

50000 Pyramid Slot

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